Free Laptop Scam

Most people are wary about applying for free laptops because the whole thing sounds like a ‘free laptop scam’. It is not practical for any company to just give away some of their products without having any ulterior motive. This was the reasoning that uncovered the free laptop scam that happens over the internet.

The good thing about clicking on the pop ups that inform you of your winnings is that you will not be flooding your computer with suspicious virus and spyware. We are going to look at how the genuine free laptop offers operate. This might help you to distinguish between a real offer and the free laptop scams.

There are various forms that you need to fill out for you to eligible for the free laptops. The first step is filling a registration form. You will be required to enter your name and all the other necessary personal details. You also need to complete an optional special offers survey. You will also need to take part in a total of the 13 sponsor offers.

Make sure that you keep hard copies of all the correspondence that goes on between you and the marketing company. This is just a safety measure incase the marketing company fails to notify the manufacturing company of your application.

After you have filled out the necessary forms and completed the surveys, you will take part in the sponsor offers. Also, ensure that you carefully catalog the correspondence. The registration form states that any untrue information provided usually leads to the disqualification of that particular applicant.

You need to be careful about the information that you enter when you are filling the form. The bottom of the registration form states that by filling the form, you are willing to accept any form of communication from the marketing companies. What you are not told is that by filling in the form you are automatically subscribed to the emails that inform the public on related offers.

The marketing companies make it sound as the sending of these emails is aimed towards helping you. The form also informs you that your information will be distributed to third parties involved in the marketing business.

In the survey questions, things are not clearly stated. We are usually told that is not very essential for you to take part in this step in order to get the free laptops. You are required to fill the entire yes and questions that are on the special offer survey. This is the page that comes after the registration one.